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Are you ready to fall in love with your work?

Kevin Campbell, MA blends the science of high performing workplaces with the art of loving your work 


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I was fortunate to learn from Kevin as a key resource, coach and trainer for our organization during his tenure at Gallup. His energy, his ability to help his clients see things through an alternative lens and his commitment toward bringing out the best in people, all differentiate him. I am grateful I had the opportunity to learn from Kevin and hope our paths cross again on our professional journeys.

Teresa Bossone | VP of HR Operations @ P.F. Chang's China Bistro

Stephanie Barrymore, Head of Enterprise Sales at Gallup

Kevin is one of the greatest strategic executive coaches and strategists I have met. He understands talent at all levels inside an organization and is a true Subject Matter Expert on Talent and the Workplace. Kevin’s background and experience only adds value to what he already brings to teams trying to hire the right talent in order to drive performance. I have learned a lot from Kevin about my personal leadership style and capabilities that have made me even more successful in my career and my life.

Stephanie Barrymore | Head of Enterprise Sales @ Gallup

Amelia Scott, UK Sales Director at Culture Amp

Kevin has been a pleasure to work with. One of his superpowers is his ability to run at new complex topics and distill the most insightful elements into clear communication across a range of stakeholders. In addition, his relentless hard work, fast pace and research skills have supported our customers, our product team and our marketing teams to find solutions to challenging problems. Working on a number of projects with Kevin, I have personally appreciated Kevin's ability to collaborate across regions and practices. Kevin is an asset to any team.

Amelia Scott | UK Sales Director @ Culture Amp

Emily Glass, Senior Manager of Talent at Topco

I had the joy of working with Kevin in the past. I always welcomed his knowledge, feedback and insights around talent acquisition. Using our talent assessment data, he helped connect the dots between different products and solutions so that I could approach interviewing from a more holistic, strategic angle. He took the time to really understand our business and our teams in a meaningful way. I highly recommend working with him.

Emily Glass, PHR | Senior Manager of Talent @Topco Associates

Ed Coady, Director at TriNet

Kevin is an excellent talent management consultant. I had the pleasure of working with him recently and was genuinely impressed with his insights, professionalism and superior communication skills. I would look forward to consulting with him again.

Ed Coady | Director of Business Development @ TriNet

Lou Zumpano.jpeg

Kevin cares...simple as that....Kevin does not cut corners in anything that he does and it shows. He takes the necessary time to properly understand the candidates technical strengths before considering them for specific positions. If I were to build a team identifying talent, Kevin would be at the top of my list.

Lou Zumpano | Recruiting Director @ Facebook

Stephen Weltz.jpeg

Kevin has a strong natural aptitude for statistics, a sharp mind that allows him to think through problems thoroughly, and the rare ability to explain these thoughts clearly to others. He is also an excellent, engaging speaker, and brings a palpable passion to whatever he presents.

Stephen Weltz | Workforce Analytics Manager @ Human Capital Management Insitute

Kimberly Harding, HR Strategy Partner

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin through a Gallup partnership with the company I worked at. Kevin coached, taught, and communicated with a genuine passion that is a rare find. He is a great business partner that understands the importance of putting people first as a company’s most valuable asset. Thank you, Kevin!

Kimberly Harding, SPHR | Senior HR Strategy Partner @ Brinker International

Sean Kashanchi .jpeg

I had the privilege of working with Kevin for about 2 years while he was at Gallup. Kevin has a unique ability to connect with people in a deep and meaningful way. He can move people, teams, and companies in ways I have not seen before. His presence is bold and courageous and he looks at business problems through a unique lens

Sean Kashanchi | Enterprise Sales Lead @Culture Amp

Not About Me

Who I Am and Why It Doesn't Really Matter

Nearly every coach, consultant, or thought leader has a section of their website devoted to talking about themselves. With Lifted Leadership, I want to make coaching and consulting less about me and more about you. After all, the work that we’d be doing together is going to be about you, your career, your team, and your workplace—not me.  


Yes, I’ve landed people their dream jobs at Google, I’ve worked for Big Four and boutique management consulting firms, I studied with excellent professors at world-class institutions, and I’ve helped improve workplace cultures at brand name companies like Amazon, AirBnb, ServiceNow, and Palo Alto Networks. However, what matters for you is not my bio, how I speak, or what I’ve written. What matters is the quality of the content I can deliver for you, the results I can provide, and the sound science and experience that serve as its backbone. 


I don’t approach this work from the perspective that what I have to offer is unique to me or that People Science is something I’ve invented. It’s just that I have taken the time to study workplace culture, employee motivation, and leadership psychology in-depth and I am here to share that knowledge so you can create a great workplace for yourself and others. These are not concepts I’ve discovered, but knowledge I’ve uncovered--and I am eager to see it have a positive impact on your life.  


At the end of the day, I’m not made better off by bolstering myself, but by lifting you up and recognizing and building upon the natural greatness already within you. Why? Because I firmly believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Together, let’s rise.


Companies I Have Impacted

Dream jobs attained, strengths uncovered, workshops led, and workplaces improved

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Let's Get Started!

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